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Zeke spent 2 years at the humane society due to his fear aggression. The shelter reached out to us for help and we did! After our aggression rehab Zeke was finally placed in his forever home!

Happy National Dog Day from _Diesel_ our

Diesel the English Mastiff was brought to us for behavior modifications due to his leash reactivity to other dogs. After training his owners report that he is a different dog and can now be taken on walks without being dragged around!


Meet Bear the GSD! Bear was showing signs of serious fear aggression so his owner reached out to us for help. After multiple training sessions She is happy to report the the behaviors have stopped and he can now be taken anywhere with confidence!

Benjamin was showing fear aggressive behavior that prevented his owners from being able to socialize him. After our behavior modifications course he can now be taken anywhere with confidence.


Brutus was brought to us after viciously attacking another dog in his home and being discharged from a local dog training club. His owner reached out for help so we worked with her and the 2 dogs who were fighting so she could regain control of her pack!


Axel the GSD was brought to us due to his high anxiety and aggressive behavior that prevented his owners from having control over him or even taking him for a walk. He was on several different medications and had to be muzzled at the vets office. His owners report he is now a completely different dog!


Meet Kilo, prior to training Kilo would chase his 2 legged sibling pictured above throughout the house causing her to feel as if she were a prisoner in her own home. After our behavior modifications course his handler was given the confidence to become the pack leader Kilo needed her to be.


Meet Prince the Mini-Pomeranian! Prior to training Prince was showing fear aggression to the point he was biting the neighbors and babysitter. His owners reached out for help and we were able to stop the behaviors!

Ashur was here for behavior modifications due to aggressive behavior at home that escalated to biting. After our course his owners were pleased to announce 1 year later that there had been no reported issues.

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